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Tail Lights

Couldn't find replacement lenses for the original tail lights (they were cracked and faded) , so I decided to replace them with LED units .... but still wished to retain the original styling

The original tail light face panels are cast metal with support lugs, and the replacement LED assemblies simply did not fit into the openings.

  • Fabricated new face panels to match the original 
  • The LEDs were designed to bolt directly to the body of the trailer and sit out fully exposed. However, to keep them looking like the original I needed them to sit flush with the face panel , so fabricated rear-mounted 'U-shaped' retaining plates This also locked the LEDs to the face panel creating a weather-tight seal 
  • Refitted the finished assemblies using the original tail light face panel mounting holes (silicone used as a weather seal to the trailer body)

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