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Outer Skin Stress Fractures

A problem common to all the units I have imported so far is stress fractures around the front side window adjacent to the entry door 

Examination after removing the internal paneling reveals that it results in NO LOSS OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY. 

I believe this is a simple design flaw caused by no side-to-side bracing / partitioning wall across the internals in the front section of the trailers.  The amount of stress generated by the frame twisting around the doorway when travelling is the culprit. It causes the outer aluminum shell around the window frame to constantly flex, eventually resulting in stress fractures at the weakest points ... the corners of the window

It's an easy fix.

  • Fabricate a cover panel. I used 1.6mm brushed aluminium (not anodised)
  • Cut out a hole for the scare light
  • Edge the cover panel with rubber stripping (to make a feature of it rather than trying to blend it in)
  • Secure the panel with Olympic rivets. These match the originals, and the 3-prong spreaders create a very strong bond
  • Refit scare light, ID plate, grab handle, and whatever else takes your fancy. 

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