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Servery Openings / Awnings

The owner of this unit wanted to use it as a mobile commercial van. 

Originally it was going to become an ice cream & hot dogs van, but now we're unsure what his intentions are! 

It has had 3 serving bays fitted into the left side 

It's a fairly straight forward process (although time consuming)


  • Drill out the rivets from around existing window and remove
  • Extend the size of the servery opening as required (in this case 3 openings each being 160cm wide)   
    Bear in mind that you're cutting through the body frame, so structural bracing has to be undertaken before you start cutting! 

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Make the servery covers or 'awnings' as they are sometimes referred to

  • Fabricate the cover panel
  • Fabricate the frame 

    IMPORTANT NOTE .... the uprights are curved at the top to follow the roof contour. This turned out to be a real headache. Had to get them professionally bent,             which resulted in a fair bit of wastage due to the length of material required to create the correct arc.

  • Put them together using Olympic rivets to match the rest of the trailer (hint: start at the curved end!)
  • Fit continuous 'piano' hinge
  • Frame up the opening with 'C' & 'L' channel
  • Frame up internally with timber supports for the inner wall lining


Repeat STEPS 1 & 2 !!

Used a piece of the gold trim that was cut out to replace a section where there used to be telephone inlets (?) ... plenty of ugly holes which had to go!

Please note the number of rivets ... about every 2 inches / 50mm ... really tests your patience!  

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