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Rewiring requires the entire internals to be stripped  ... including internal wall & roof lining 

If you decide to go 240v electrics, to comply with Australian standards the existing 110v wiring (having solid core and a bare earth wire) must be completely replaced.

However, rewiring is NOT a legal requirement if you retain the 110 volt system, and simply install a 240-110 step-down transformer.  (did this on 2 trailers) This assumes that the high-value existing electrical appliances (e.g refrigerator & air conditioner) are in working order. 

Please note that it is often cheaper to import replacement 110v appliances (inclusive of freight charges) than to purchase the 240v versions locally.

The trailer shown here was being converted into a food van, and all the appliances & refrigeration units being installed operate on 240 volts. 

The Australian standard for 240v electrical wiring installations requires flexible 3-strand fully insulated cable. 

All cabling is secured with rubber lugs to prevent rubbing / cracking due to vibration when travelling.

A plastic insulator is mounted behind each power outlet to prevent any possibility of contact with metal surfaces

The external power supply lead goes into a 15 amp inlet socket which feeds directly into a safety-switch fuses box

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