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Refit Phase 1

Having spent far more time & effort than anticipated in stripping it out, rectifying structural defects, attending to a myriad of water leaks, and replacing rotted out floor sections, it is finally time to start putting it back together.

Gas fridge is not going back where it was, so the vent had to be removed & blocked off

The inside paint had been applied with gusto! Although super thick it was a really crap job, and everything had been given a good lathering.

Very laborious and tedious task to remove it all from the window frames and get them ready for repainting

Just to add injury to insult, the majority of the window cranks were non-functional, and several latches were snapped / broken

Rear window was in pieces on the bed when the trailer arrived. Had to get the frame re-welded, applied windscreen adhesive / sealer instead of the original method of rubberized tape.  Found that somebody had backed the rear of the trailer into something, flattening the entire window frame. 

Took a considerable amount of time to realign everything so that everything operated and sealed correctly.


... taillights, number plate light, side markers had to be cleaned up, resealed, and wired up.

... rear bumper repainted

Needed to reinforce the frame around the base with heavier L angle  .... something decent for the wall panels to grip to 

After rewiring the 'mood' lighting and new insulation, it was time to refit the front fibreglass bulkhead and commence 'roughing-in' the wall panels

Once the rough-in has been completed, pull the whole lot out again!

Insulate, finalize wiring positioning, refit panels, and Olympic rivet them in

Polishing this many rivet heads is an exercise in patience & persistence ....

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