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By far the biggest job you can undertake on a Silver Streak is to replace the floor

Due to the construction method, it requires the entire internals to be removed, so avoid it if you can!

I had no choice as the floor in this trailer was severely water damaged in several places

Silver Streak Construction Method  
  1. Timber floor was fitted to chassis
  2. Aluminium U channel was affixed around the entire outer edge of the timber floor (except at door opening)
  3. Body frame ribs were affixed to this U channel 
  4. Body frame was built 
  5. Upper body outer skin was fitted to frame  (down as far as floor level)
  6. Belly pan skin was fitted under the chassis, and folded into upper body outer skin at floor level 

    (that's why there's a gold strip around the outside of the trailer at floor level ... to cover this fold join)

The result is:

The body of the trailer mounts onto the timber floor .... not onto the chassis

If you have to replace any section around the edge of the floor, you have to prop up the body in that section to get the old floor out, and the new floor in

The internal lower wall panels also have to be removed

.... it's a BIG job!

The checker plate metal panels you see in these photos were going to be used instead of timber flooring, but even at 3mm thick the distance between chassis rail floor bearers resulted in too much flexing underfoot (I ended up using 15mm marine ply)

However, the checker plate came in handy as a safety measure during construction ... instead of hopping between chassis rails! 

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