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The shell sits on the timber floor, so removing any of it would cause the shell to sag and buckle.

With all the timber in the rear of the trailer having rotted away under the shell's support gusset over the years ..... guess what!

Interesting engineering project

Daniel & Billy were called in to help fast-track this project ... I was kept busy doing the other stuff 

Daniel stripped all the old tile remnants and other crud off the floor surface, then sanded it all back to determine the sizes of floor sections that would have to be replaced.

Billy was underneath cutting out the badly damaged rear section  of the belly pan and removing the bumper bar tool box.

Teamwork effort in replacing the floor sections. (remember that the shell sat on the timber floor)

Thought we had it all sorted .... until ....

Removed the battery box to facilitate a clean go at laying the bamboo floor panels, only to find that it had been leaking like a sieve and rotted the floor out underneath the mounting plate. 

Resulted in the removal of a large section of floor so we had cross beams to screw down onto.

Daniel worked on the floor, which also meant removing 50 years of crud from the belly pan.

Steve made a new battery box door out of much thicker material (so it can seal properly to prevent any future water damage). 

Billy cleaned up the battery box ready for refit once the bamboo floor goes in.

Needed to refit the hot water heater hatch to keep the floor dry in that section of the trailer. 

This required a frame to be fabricated that would support a rubber seal 

This hatch will be retained in working order for an externally accessed storage area (located under the bunk beds)


Refurbished flooring can be seen in REFIT PHASE 2 

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