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Brakes & Suspension

The existing brakes were in a very sad state and in need of refurbishment. 

Found it easier and more cost-effective to replace the entire assemblies than to reline the old brake shoes & machine the drums 

Another deciding factor was that the brake drums are no longer manufactured, meaning once they reached maximum machining I had an issue. Also finding wheel bearings to fit them was difficult ... had to be imported from an obsolete parts dealer ... not a good situation for ongoing long-term  maintenance 

I wanted to fit heavy-duty bearings rather than the standard ones that come with the later model drums.

A primary issue was that there was no inner bearing which matched up any late model 12" drums to the Silver Streak stub axle.

I located heavy duty bearings that fitted the stub axles and had the inner bearing collars on the new brake drums machined out 5mm ... problem solved!

Then found that I needed to take 15mm off the grease cap collar (otherwise getting the split pin into the locking nut was virtually impossible)  The original SS axles are shorter / stumpier than  modern brake drums are designed for.

May seem a bit 'over the top' to re-engineer modern brake drums to fit the SS stub axles, but my reasoning is that I'd be replacing wheel bearings a lot more often than brake drums ....  and let's face it the old drums were functional for over 40 years!

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